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Here’s a Quick Way to Solve How to Take your own Personal Brand and your Services Globally with the Modern Rules of Law Of Marketing

Here’s a Quick Way to Solve How to Take your own Personal Brand and your Services Globally with the Modern Rules of Law Of Marketing

How you can make an impact with your Personal Brand by Mastering modern rules for Law of Marketing

Are you struggling to build your online presence?

Are you struggling to build your online presence?

Have you got worried about how to start the digital journey and reach people with personal branding?

Are you in search of a person who can handhold you in the digital journey?

I do agree all of you will have these questions in mind. As we come across so many ads displayed to us on social media, we also think about how I can start my journey like someone. I have so much knowledge to share but not able to align myself on this digital journey.

Have you ever wondered why this happens to you? Reason is you do not know the modern law of marketing, how it works and how to connect your brand by implementing the contemporary law of marketing.

So today I will try to clear your doubts through this article. Since long days I have been planning to write this article which can help many of you.

So, you might be wondering what I will discuss in this article.

We will start our journey with below pointers step by step to get you more clarity about aligning your digital journey.

  • Understanding the Law of Marketing
  • What are the stages of building a strong marketing funnel
  • How to unlock the key to success with CATT funnel framework
  • How to select Niche
  • Understand Integrated digital marketing
  • Exploring the power of Personal Branding

Let’s dig each topic in detail:

  • Understanding the Law of Marketing

What do you think when the marketing journey begins? Whether it is before your product gets launched? Or after your product gets launched?

Here you need to understand the marketing journey begins even before your product gets built. You are trying to satisfy some kind of need for the customer. You explore your product with the thought of how it will add value to customers. Which people can become my customer?.

Whether my product will add value to my customers? Once you acquire an answer to all these questions, you can fix your product by understanding your customer needs well. Therefore marketing starts before the product gets created.

Therefore you must have understood here; marketing is not just about selling. It’s about building a healthy mindset about your customer needs. You should think about how you can keep your customers happy, how you will communicate with them for the long-lasting relationship of trust and faith. If you understand all these parameters of marketing, you will end up creating a

well-known brand of you as well as your product in the minds of people. You will acquire successful positioning in the market, which will lead to creating a great product which sells itself.

Let’s have a look at the statement made by marketing masters:

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customers so well the product or service fits him and sells itself…the aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous”: Peter Drucker.

If you are successful in creating a great product, your customers will bring more customers to you. They will become your brand ambassadors. They will be the most potent marketing channel for you by beating the competition. So here we need to understand clearly that Sales, Copywriting, Advertising are just the components of marketing and not marketing itself.

So just building a great product is not enough, but you need to brainstorm on how you can take your product to prospect customers with excellent marketing strategy.

  • What are the stages of building a strong marketing funnel

Your Journey begins with choosing a product category or subcategory for which you need to position yourself as either no one or only one with the uniqueness of the product. You need to be a leader in your product category. Applying a unique angle to your products makes your journey successful even in the competitive market.

One must understand that marketing education is rooted in human psychology and market understanding. Product creator must master these skills, then only he will be able to capture the attention of his prospect customers and will be able to sell. Knowledge about Marketing, Attention and selling add value to your career, and you become successful.

Once you know this formula to grab attention, you must focus on presenting your product with good communication skills with the help of which you can tell your idea like a conversation to your customers. Persuasive communication doesn’t mean only having a perfect vocabulary, command over English, it must flow from your heart to customers in whichever language you are comfortable with, and you must write as if you are conversing. Slowly you can upgrade your skills to reach a larger audience.

The next important aspect is to know about global economics. How does it work?

How money flows in the economy?

What are the terms Inflation and Recession means? How it impacts money rolling in the marketplace?

Knowledge about these questions gives you more clarity on running your business and plan a marketing strategy.

plan a marketing strategy

Next stage is to decide between Traditional and Digital Marketing. Which marketing method works better for your product. Answer to this question depends on the category of your product. Whether your product is generic or specific? If your product is generic, you may choose TV ads, Radio as its reach is with more audience. But if you are serving a specific audience, then digital marketing will better suit you in terms of the targeted audience.

Once you understand all the above aspects of marketing, you can learn what direct response marketing is. Without implementing direct response marketing, you will not be able to generate successful results for your campaigns. Once you initiate the conversation through your script which engages the audience, you must give a platform where they can respond. It may be a phone no, appointment, lead form etc.

  • How to unlock the key to success with CATT funnel framework

Whatever we learned till now takes into the successful marketing funnel. The framework of this successful marketing funnel is called as CATT, which generates wealth formula for us. Let’s understand deeply.

How to unlock the key to success with CATT funnel framework

Wealth = n ^ CATT

[n] Niche: Category or subcategory you choose

[C] Content: How you generate useful contents which give clarity to the customer about the solution with blogs, pictures, videos, events, live webinars etc.

[A] Attention: Are you able to engage with your customer and grab their attention through traffic to your website, webinar attendance, referrals, ads.

[T] Trust: Build a long-lasting relationship with marketing automation, retargeting, adding value with free contents.

[T] Transaction: If you wisely focus on all the above aspects, you will be able to convert your  customer into the transaction which brings you wealth.

First, let’s dig into how to select your niche?

Before selecting a niche, you must ask three crucial things to yourself.

  1. What do I Like?
  2. What can I Do?
  3. What I should Do?

Till you get ‘YES’ answer to all these questions, you must dig into it. First list the skills which you like and love to do. You will find plenty of things which you like, and you do.

But here you need to identify which one skill you can choose from several skills which can add value to others and for which you are passionate about. You can make below combinations:

  1. First, Skills which you like, gives satisfaction to you but if it does not add value to others then you can’t choose that skill. E.g. I love to sing. But whether people can buy tickets for my show? Its question mark for me? As it’s not adding so much value to people. Here you must understand these skills which you like, they add value to you but not others upto the mark then they are called ‘HOBBIES’. Therefore you should keep your hobbies aside while selecting product niche.
  2. Second, the skill you like, it will generate good income for you, but you can’t do it. Most of the time it happens that even after knowing the truth, we waste our valuable time just being behind it. These are DREAMS which cannot be converted into reality. E.g. I wanted to become a pilot. As I grew up, I found that as I see the things from the height I get worried, I get anxiety as my body does not permit me to do due to lack of physical strength. Then what you should do, simply remove these things from the list and focus on your goal.
  3. Third, Skills which you do not like, you can do it, you will get money out of it, but it doesn’t add self-satisfaction and happiness to you. Think what will happen; you will do tasks just for the sake of money. This formula of running behind money doesn’t work. Isn’t it? Here you are doing a JOB and not a Career as you are not passionate about it.

If you want to reach your goal, you should get a yes answer to all the questions. Skills which you like and can add real value to people will automatically generate wealth for you effortlessly as it’s your passion. So finding and aligning your niche is finding your true passion with which you can serve the world and reach your career goals effortlessly.

You must take into consideration the three aspects:

Talent, Market and Passion. Then only you can add value to others.

Talent, Market and Passion. Then only you can add value to others.

An essential aspect of becoming successful is identifying your true passion and living your life happily by adding value to people and helping people to become successful in their life.

Then you must wonder how I can perceive my passion through digital marketing. Whether just sharing content will add value?

Whether social media will work for me? Should I do email marketing?

Whether I should run campaigns?

To know the answer to all these questions, you must understand how Integrated digital marketing works. You need to take one by one action to implement Integrated Digital Marketing. It works together. It’s dependent on each other and sequencing. You need to understand how to take a small step forward into each aspect of Integrated marketing and start your success journey. Success cannot come overnight. You need to keep taking action and complete each phase of Integrated Digital Marketing. Below are the phases of Integrated Digital Marketing.

Law of Marketing

Finally, once you understand all the aspects of the Law of Marketing, then it’s time to create your personal brand by aligning your passion.

Personal Brand

You must understand people get connected with people. You should take a step ahead and start your Personal Branding by sharing contents through blog, webinars, social media to engage people. You must create your platform by identifying which people will understand your persona and get connected to you. Once you build trust in people’s mind, selling happens effortlessly. A great example of Digital Personal Brand is Deepak Kanakraju, who has added tremendous value to his audience. We know people who have built their strong brand like respected Narayan Murthy, Sudha Murthy, our PM Narendra Modi, Ratan Tata by adding value to people and nation.

We are not born to do the routine tasks, but we are born to create impact with our passion and serve our purpose of life. In spiritual teams, it’s called KARMA. You take the right action towards your KARMA by adding value to people with your passion. If you follow, then no one can stop you from becoming successful.

Therefore I always say “If you want to become Successful, Help others to become successful.” Let me know your feedback in the comments section. Thank You for reading my Article.

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