Surekha Version 2.0

Surekha Bhosale’s Version 2.0: 2030

Surekha Bhosale an Entrepreneur to impact Digital Transformation by building Great Digital Ecosystem of India for Students, Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Surekha Bhosale is a great name in Career Counselling and has brought the biggest transformation through her counselling and mentoring platform.

Surekha Bhosale is the biggest name to impact Indian economy by building 1 Million youths via skill development bringing digital transformation through her renowned institute “Hrishi Computer Education

Surekha Bhosale has created great SOP training programs for SME’s to manage their day to day operations like accounting, HR, digital presence and also created the mentoring structure for SME’s to help them in their startup journey of entrepreneurship. Around 100000+ entrepreneurs are impacted.

Surekha Bhosale has built the Worldclass online skill development training platform “Hrishi Online Buddhi” for skill development and also partnered with Government’s Skill India Project with 1000+ centres all over India.

Surekha Bhosale has built a unique portal named “Employable Market” which has impacted 1 million students, professionals and entrepreneurs and will keep counting.

Surekha Bhosale has helped 10 million people to build their identity digitally with Digital Products of her company Globreach. 

Surekha Bhosale is a Great Mentor for Students, Professionals and SME’s and has 10 million followers and she is contributing great contents through her platforms.

Surekha Bhosale believes in and says “If you want to become successful, help others to become successful”. 

surekha Bhosale Version 2.0

Surekha Bhosale is the biggest name for building a Digital Ecosystem right from Career Counselling – Mentoring – Education – Skill Development – Placements – Digital Transformation.

She has made her dream into reality and became Indians most preferred institute of India by creating outstanding professionals and Entrepreneurs. She has been awarded the most prestigious Award  from Indian Government in the hands of PM as “Best Institute of India to create a Digital Ecosystem”


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