Want to Find More Clients? | Focus on these 4 Vital Tips to Brand Yourself

Want to Find More Clients? | Focus on these 4 Vital Tips to Brand Yourself


When you’re the face of your business, crafting your personal brand makes perfect sense. For a clear-cut path to building your customer base, having a compelling personal brand matters. Your brand is what sets you apart from your competition, helping to form a lasting impression in the mind of your clients and audience. Without it you may find yourself struggling to build a sustainable and profitable business. However, there are some universal tips you can focus on to expand your personal brand client list. And this blog post will exactly help you by providing that. To start, here are 4 tips that will help you find more clients for your personal brand.

But before we start, can you tell – Which are the Key Elements of your Personal Branding Foundation? Don’t know? Well, see below:

Which are the Key Elements of your Personal Branding Foundation?
  • Your Brand Vision

What do you want to be known for? If you became familiar as the world’s go-to expert on ABC topic, what would that be?

  • Your Brand Mission

Why do you need to craft a personal brand? What is your purpose? Who do you want to influence? What do you want to accomplish?

  • Your Brand Message

What is the crucial message you need to communicate? What message do you want to consistently reinforce in your marketing and in your content? If you could only give one piece of suggestion to your audience, what would it be?

  • Your Brand Personality

What are some of your traits and personal characteristics that you can weave into your brand? Do you need to be perceived as professional and very polished, or perhaps more adventurous and quirky?

4 Tips That Will Help You Find More Clients For Your Personal Brand

Tips That Will Help You Find More Clients For Your Personal Brand

People will want to do business with only those who are trusted or on whom they trust. Your personal brand does it for you. It offers you the opportunity to get to more number of people as a trusted person. 

Personal branding can help you to get new clients constantly if you keep putting in efforts to assist more and more people and keep growing your personal brand. Here are 4 tips that will help in leveraging your personal brand to acquire a larger target audience:

#Tip 1: Be Authentic and Transparent

One of the most significant things you can do as you market your personal brand is to stay transparent and authentic. Remember, you consistently have to come through on your promises and back up what you speak to your audience.

If you don’t, they will have no issue walking away.

#Tip 2: Show You’re an Expert

The number one approach for demonstrating your expertise is through long-form, rock-solid, super-helpful content. Content wins the day. It’s just that simple. You have to distinguish yourself apart in an online space, where you are competing with other brands for the attention of your new clients.

To do this, display you are an expert in your field. You can do this by setting up your credibility through talking about the customers you have worked with and the years you have been in the industry. But you can also communicate this more creatively by tip sheets and Buzzfeed-like lists, which can give your audience information that matters in their lives.

Obviously, showing you’re an expert means two things:

  • Choosing an area of expertise.
  • Being an actual expert.

Don’t let number two trip you up. Have you heard ever this phrase, fake it till you make it?

There’s some truth to that. If you do not feel like an expert, do not sweat it. Just act like one.

Pretty soon, you’ll become one (even if you do not feel it). Then, you can show you’re one.

#Tip 3: Incentivize Your Target Audience

One of the quickest ways you can utilise your personal brand to build your target audience is through giving something away. And I do not mean just anything. If you can give away a great product related to your personal brand, you have a greater opportunity of captivating a new audience.

This strategy works really well for crafting a personal brand. Let’s say you’re building the personal brand as a copywriter. Attract clients by asking them to enter the contest by submitting their email addresses. The prize could be copywriting for a special project or free copywriting for a week.

Simple? Sure. But effective? Absolutely.

#Tip 4: Invest in Strong Visuals

I hate to say it, but if someone views low quality photos on your site, they will subconsciously perceive you as unprofessional or as not trustworthy. Get front of the game by having professional photos of yourself taken for your website. Your website and photos may be your new client’s first impression of you!

One of the best ways to get customers through your personal branding is simply to look the part!

Takeaway: Personal Branding Lesson to Find More Clients

Takeaway: Personal Branding Lesson to Find More Clients

How do I get clients? It’s a question every service-based business owner and freelancer might have.

Answering these few questions will help you get started in finding more clients for your personal brand:

Q: How can I clearly describe my work?

Q: Do they know who you are and can they trust you?

Q: What are your dream client’s struggling with?

Q: Can you describe in what ways working with you is different?

Q: How can you create a rave-worthy experience for them?

In Short

As you invest your creativity and time into building relationships through your content and conversations, you are investing into building a dedicated and loyal audience. If you’re ready to start building your audience and to attract new customers, be authentic and transparent, show you’re an expert, incentivize your target audience, and invest in strong visuals. Experiment with these four pro tips for leveraging your personal brand to find a larger, more committed target audience.

Are you seeking ways to get new clients for your business? 
Are you seeking ways to get new clients for your business?

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